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The purchasing process


Most purchasing categories are subject to a panel of suppliers.


Referenced areas: The priority is given to panel suppliers.

Other companies may be called upon on an initiative by the purchaser.


Financial, operational, technical, legal and CSR analysis. Openness to innovation. 

Call for bids

The response is assessed in the light of the quality and suitability of the proposed solution.

All companies responding to a Group bid:

  • are assessed in terms of their financial health with regard to their economic dependency
  • are subject to a CSR review carried out by a third-party assessor (the CSR assessment accounts for 10% of the overall rating).
  • supply and commit to supplying their legal documents throughout the contractual relationship.

They must take our CSR requirements on board.


The final choice is made on the basis of a multi-criteria analysis grid. 

Decision-Marketing Committee

The decision to select a company is taken collectively by a combined committee made up of purchasers and influencers.


The contract must be signed before services are provided; it is archived and shared in our Purchasing IT system. 

Contractual arrangements

The drafting of contracts is subject to legal approval. Throughout the contract period, all the indicators (financial health, CSR, economic dependency, etc.) are revised and shared with the Group.


The respect of payment times in compliance with the Law on the Modernisation of the Economy (LME) subject to process compliance (purchase order, compliant invoice sent according to the guidelines provided, update of legal documents). 

Payment / invoices

Consistent with its commitments and the Responsible Supplier Relations label that it has obtained, the Crédit Agricole S.A. Group places the utmost importance on the respect of payment times.


Group Purchasing IT system: EASY

Purchasing process integrated in EASY, a cross-functional purchasing system
EASY, the Group IT tool, handles all Purchasing processes from the expression of the need, the management of the order and the reception of the invoice through to the payment of the invoice. It is used to coordinate all expenditure, industrialise invoice processing, reduce processing costs and simplify the purchasing circuit. Suppliers have access to all Purchasing documents in EASY and can also upload documents to the system. 


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