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Our values

Crédit Agricole is a banking group founded on cooperative and mutualist values, with a European calling and open to the world. Arising from regional cooperative credit societies, Crédit Agricole today is a diversified international group consisting of 39 cooperative banks, the Regional Banks, together with other retail banks – LCL and the international retail banks – and subsidiaries working in corporate and investment banking, insurance, asset management, consumer credit, leasing and factoring. Each one of our companies has a strong history and culture. But they all share the same cornerstone values heralding from agricultural and rural solidarity.

Local presenceresponsibilitysolidarity. These are the Group’s long-standing values, closely linked to its cooperative identity. Each Group company shares the conviction that these qualities are not just modern but sources of robustness and growth. These values give people the leading role in Group actions.

In an increasingly stringent regulatory environment and with Europe’s lacklustre economy, Crédit Agricole Group continues to play its role as the leading financier of the French economy.
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Responsible and committed, the Group is adapting and innovating to continue financing its clients. The Bank is by their side day to day to help them get through the crisis and foster investments that fuel growth.

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Setting out its Group Project in 2010, Crédit Agricole identified four key challenges in today’s world in which it has a role to play: agriculture and agri-food; housing; health and ageing; and energy sources and environmental economics. 
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