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  • 2018/06/22
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The barometer of French media

The recovery in advertising was confirmed in the first quarter (+1.5% to 2% after +2.4% over the course of 2017), with the rise in internet advertising offsetting a further fall in traditional media (-2.1%). Media audiences remained stable for radio (2 hrs 50 mins, +1 min) and increased for internet (1 hr 18 mins, + 4 mins) in the first three months, although they fell for TV over the first four months (3 hrs 47 mins, -3 mins).
In entertainment, visitor numbers to cinemas stabilised over the first five months of the year at 92.5 million tickets sold (+0.2%) following the success of several films which sold over three million tickets (Les Tuche 3, La Ch'tite Famille, Avengers and Black Panther), along with book sales (+0.4% at the end of April). M&A remained active, with several acquisitions in audiovisual production by Mediawan, Lagardère and Arthur, in events by GL Events, video games by Ubisoft, from which Vivendi has totally withdrawn, and the sale by Lagardère of its radio activities in Eastern Europe.
Finally, we should mention some impressive fund-raising by French startups, particularly Woodoo in video games, with its record fund-raising of $200m with Goldman Sachs.

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