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  • 2016/11/02
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CASA Group news / LaBChain delivers first blockchain prototype, built jointly with teams from CACIB

LaBChain delivers first blockchain* prototype, built jointly with teams from CACIB LaBChain, the first European bank/finance/insurance Blockchain technology consortium, has released a first prototype, on managing loan guarantees/stock loans. In this model, built jointly by teams from Caisse des Dépôts, CACIB, CNP and Natixis, a lender can temporarily transfer all or part of a security to a borrower, for a pre-agreed period, and simultaneously receive payment of a guarantee, as protection against the risk of the loaned security not being returned. The purpose of the experiment was to optimise the lending/borrowing process by securing the negotiation of an agreement beforehand, reducing set-up costs for the transaction, and automating calculation and payment of additional amounts between the parties. LaBChain was launched in December 2015, initially by Caisse des Dépôts.     * A transparent, secure technology for storing and transferring information, which operates without a central hub


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