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Ageing well at home: support for our elderly customers

Ageing well at home: support for our elderly customers

Over 3 million Crédit Agricole Group customers are at least 70 years old. Some of them live alone in a home that is frequently not adapted to their needs. Like 90% of French people, these seniors want to remain in their own home as long as possible, but it's essential to anticipate and prepare for this before the unexpected happens. Crédit Agricole's "Ageing well at home" project (Bien vieillir à domicile - BVAD) aims to offer support for these frail but non-dependent seniors.


Starting with the 2010 Group Project, the Healthcare and Ageing Well theme has been identified as an area of excellence for the Group, with tangible NBI stakes. The initial studies were carried out at Crédit Agricole S.A. by Olivier Néel, at that time head of the Crédit Agricole S.A. Healthcare and Ageing Well Area of Excellence, and Sophie Gambiez, Head of Viavita*. The theme was then confirmed in the Ambition Stratégique 2020 Medium Term Plan, with the support of FNCA and the Regional Banks, as a growth driver for the Group. Crédit Agricole Assurances, through its CEO Frédéric Thomas, is in charge of this for the entire Crédit Agricole Group.
*the personal care subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Assurances




Developing synergy within a leading bancassurance group
The BVAD project's approach is fully in line with the aims of the Customer Project's "Life's Special Moments" programme. This completely innovative approach is based on our customers' expression of their needs in four areas: their social connections, everyday life, housing and resources. 
Using a dedicated app, developed for tablets, advisors ask a series of questions that help them to diagnose their customer's current situation and help the customers identify their projects and concerns. Based on these elements, the advisor is then able to propose relevant solutions within Crédit Agricole's various business lines: insurance/pension, home protection, adapting the home to prevent risks of falling, home care services, assistance with administrative procedures, coupled eventually with appropriate financial advice.

Advisors then harness the full strength of our bancassurance model, as a Universal Customer-Focused Retail Bank (Banque Universelle de Proximité - BUP), to serve their customers, drawing on the various Crédit Agricole Group entities.



The Group's entities and business lines engaged in the BVAD project

  • Savings and loans: Regional banks and LCL
  • Insurance and pensions: Predica and Pacifica
  • Home and personal protection: Nexecur
  • Fitting out the home: Viaren
  • Home care services: Viavita

The project is now in its pilot phase at three regional banks: Champagne-Bourgogne, Centre France and Franche-Comté. The pilot is designed to test the entire scheme and approach in order to evaluate them and make recommendations with a view to a national roll-out.

Halfway through the pilot, the initial results are very promising, both in terms of the excellent appointment rate in the target population, and the customers' very positive receptiveness for this programme - highly original in its format and the issue it deals with. This is confirmed by the number and diversity of the products taken up.

Video report by Olivier Néel, project manager reporting to Frédéric Thomas, in charge of coordinating cross-functional projects in the Healthcare and Ageing Well area, and Sophie Gambiez, Head of Viavita, in charge of coordinating the BVAD project.

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