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  • 2018/05/31
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Scottish clinic to fight cryptocurrency addiction What about you? Do you suffer from bitcoin dependency?

sources : AFP, Le Point

A Scottish addiction clinic recently announced it wanted to start fighting addiction to cryptocurrency – virtual currencies such as bitcoin. In a press release last Monday, Castle Craig – one of the United Kingdom's main addiction treatment centres – announced that patients who can't stop trading virtual currencies on a daily basis will be included in its intensive gambling addiction treatment programme. "The cryptocurrency market's fluctuating, high-risk nature attracts problem gamblers" explained Chris Burn, a therapist at this hospital. The high volatility "creates excitement and escape from reality", he continued, citing the example of bitcoin's value, which rose from about 1,000 to almost 20,000 dollars in 2017, before returning to its current level of about 7,100 dollars. The institute claims to have received several request to include virtual currencies in its care offering, and its press release highlighted the fact that "This can be exciting, but also very addictive; and like addiction to gambling, it can be financially disastrous". Castle Craig has been treating alcohol, drug and game addiction problems for 30 years.

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