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  • 2018/04/26
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Americans throw away 450g of food a day

Les Américains jettent 450 g de nourriture chaque jour

According to researchers from the scientific journal Plos One, 150,000 tonnes of food are wasted every day in the United States, consisting predominantly of fruit and vegetables (39%), followed by dairy products, meat and cereals. The impact on the environment and farmers is considerable, since this waste corresponds to the annual production of a 12-million-hectare field, with the consumption of 350,000 tonnes of pesticides and a million tonnes of fertilizer. Not to mention that the decomposition of the wasted food produces methane, a greenhouse gas.

In France, just 20 kg of food ends up in household bins each year, of which 7 kg is still unopened in its packaging. According to the Minister for Agriculture, food waste costs between €100 and €160 a year for every person in France, representing a total bill of €12-20 billion!

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