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Crédit Agricole ranked 3rd by D-Rating for digital performance

Among 17 banks operating in France, including neo-banks and online banks, Crédit Agricole took 3rd place in the D-Rating* ranking for the quality of digital services it offers customers. It is the leading bank classified by the rating agency as “traditional” and which we call “full-service”: banks as digital as the new players, but that also offer truly “universal” service, a relationship-oriented approach and maintain “human” responsibility at the local level, unlike neo-banks.

The agency evaluated the presence of these players in three different channels: the web, mobile applications and social networks. It considered the level of customer satisfaction for each, as well as their relative positions in the market, actual audience, technical quality and security. On the basis of 132 indicators, D-Rating then ranked a total of 20 brands that were “representative of the competitive environment of the retail banking sector in France in 2018.”

D-Rating highlights the increasing digital competition between the various banking players. Connections to bank websites continued to increase, by 10% between 2017 and 2018, and visits via mobile devices recorded for those same sites jumped 40%, according to the agency. For Crédit Agricole, this is real recognition that it can do as well in digital as the best online banks.

* rating agency specialising in digital

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