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First CPR AM-Deloitte survey on retail savers and responsible investment


Responsible investment is a central concern in today’s world. But where do retail investors stand on this score? What do French savers and financial advisers think about responsible investment (RI)?

On a request by CPR AM, Deloitte (with OpinionWay and Spoking Polls) recently conducted a survey with a representative sample of French savers and financial advisers to shed light on what they think about RI from several standpoints.

While the findings encourage optimism, with 66% of savers saying that RI products are likely to boost their trust, they also underline the gap between the aspirations of savers increasingly attracted to RI and the conversion rate in terms of actual investments. Deloitte stresses the essential role played by advisers in furthering the development of RI in savings and identifies avenues for improvement for converting investment intentions into investment decisions.

RI and French savers in a few figures:

  • 67% of savers have already at least heard about RI;
  • 56% of savers say environmental protection is a priority;
  • 57% want sustainable development criteria to be included in savings products on a mandatory basis;
  • 66% think that RI products are likely to boost their trust in the management of their savings, but only 21% say they have invested in RI products;
  • Just 12% have been proposed a RI product by their financial adviser;
  • 61% say that the development of labels would make them more likely to invest in RI funds. In addition, 34% say that the main obstacle is a lack of information, an observation shared by nearly one out of two financial advisers.


The development outlook is promising, but several phases still need to be completed. Informing and educating savers is a major source of improvement and one that needs to be addressed. Savers are increasingly sensitive to responsible issues, but the solutions need to be clearer and include specific and transparent indicators concerning RI products.

CPR AM intends to have this survey carried out on an annual basis, the aim being to assess the development of responsible saving, identify expectations, and qualify progress and any obstacles to that progress.

Responsible investment remains a key, driving commitment at CPR AM. The company proposes a range of special theme-based equity funds addressing many of the environmental and social challenges of our century, including food, education and the climate.

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