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It was revealed in the Morningstar 2017 European report on open-ended funds approved for sale in France that Amundi is now in 3rd position in terms of inflow*, behind US giants Pimco and BlackRock. This performance is mainly due to investor appetite for bond funds, despite the low-rate environment. This places the Amundi 6M bond fund in third position among funds having recorded the biggest commercial success, with €5.9 billion in inflow in 2017 almost doubling its outstanding. 2017 was also a good year for inflow to ETFs. For example, Amundi ETF** saw its outstanding under management grow by 50% due to inflow of €10.2 billion - double the market's inflow.

* Inflow to open-ended funds approved for sale in France (not including money-market funds, ETF and special funds) ** Exchange Traded Funds: traded index funds that track the performance of a stock market or sector index

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