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People and their land: the same future


This Crédit Agricole advertising poster that seems so topical actually dates back to 1975! What does it tell us about the Group? 





At the start of the 1970s, Crédit Agricole began to become involved in initiatives to safeguard and maintain natural environments, in particular by funding reforestation and forest protection and development campaigns. It was also at this time that it rolled out its first sponsorship initiatives to raise the environmental awareness of the French population, and young people in particular.


Starting in the late 1970s, the Group began to support innovations in renewable energies such as the “solar house”. It was on the cutting edge of renewable-energy and environmental issues. It was in this period that it created specialised financing structures addressing these issues, including Agrinova, Finergie and Unifergie.


People and their land: the same future Back in 1975, this slogan already embodied the Group’s environmental convictions and commitment – a social engagement that can be found today in the Group Project. 

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