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Viewpoint of Mercedes Erra on the importance for a company of communicating on its raison d’être

Interview of Mercedes Erra, Founder and Chairwoman of BETC, France’s leading advertising agency, and Executive President of Havas Worldwide.


Le regard de Mercedes Erra



For customers, a “good brand” naturally offers high-quality products and services, but it also has to be mindful of the way it supports its customers over the long term, while being actively involved in the resolution of social problems.

Around the world, the image of the brand and that of the company have thus become practically inseparable. Which makes it vital today for the company to explain its role and usefulness, make a deep connection between its raison d’être and business, and communicate on its commitments.

Crédit Agricole has decided to take things further by aligning its baseline with its raison d’être. This is a strong decision because it is concrete and binding. The baseline states in depth what the company is working towards every day. And Crédit Agricole has decided to clearly express to the general public its philosophy of action in the interest of each individual and in the interest of society.

To depict its new baseline in images, the main idea was empathy. The campaign explains how Crédit Agricole understands today’s society and the experience of its customers. In a digitalising world, nothing is more important than human beings.



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[vidéo] ITW Mercedes Erra


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