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  • 2016/10/13
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Take Solidarity Leave with Crédit Agricole

As part of the Solidaires programme, Crédit Agricole S.A. has introduced the Solidarity Leave, a new type of commitment open to employees of the Group's entities.


This initiative extends the range of volunteer activities, enabling employees to use their leave to carry out a fifteen-day on-site project. Supervised by Planète Urgence, the Solidarity Leave includes coverage of the material costs linked to the assignment (insurance, accommodation, meals, travel, where applicable).
This means that the employees can fully devote themselves to meeting the beneficiaries and to their assignment. Jaana, a Crédit Agricole CIB employee, participated in the first project of this type, for the Cirque PPSE* in Cambodia: she carried out an audit of cash flows, and helped the administrative team to optimise its organisation.

Other projects, financed through the Solidaires programme, will be proposed to the Group's employees in the near future.

* A partner of the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation, Cirque PPSE is a social enterprise that trains vulnerable Cambodian children in the circus arts.

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