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Facing the crisis together

During this unprecedented public health crisis, Crédit Agricole is redoubling its efforts to connect people – one of the Regional Banks’ ten-year ambitions. 


COVID-19 Solidarity Fund: coming together to support older citizens

In the face of an unprecedented health crisis, Crédit Agricole is setting aside €20 million to finance essential measures to protect the elderly and help them stay in touch with their loved ones.

Supported in particular by the Crédit Agricole Solidarité et Développement Foundation with contributions from the Regional Banks, Crédit Agricole S.A. and its subsidiaries, the fund supports initiatives aimed at elderly people living in care facilities (publicly-owned care homes and hospitals and privately-owned non-profit-making and commercial facilities) and those receiving help through volunteer home help networks.

This solidarity fund is also open to receive voluntary donations from Crédit Agricole employees and directors.

Funds raised will notably be used to finance protective equipment and tablet computers to help elderly people living in care facilities stay in touch with their loved ones.

J’M Mon Territoire by CA

The J’M Mon Territoire by CA mutual support platform, originally developed for Local Bank members and directors, has been made available to everyone nationwide during the lockdown.

The platform helps create social bonds between neighbours and local stakeholders to promote local initiatives that benefit the whole community. It is collaborative and open to everyone, covering a 50 km radius around each user.

J’M Mon Territoire by CA can be used to ask for or offer help (for example by offering to help a volunteer organisation make phone calls to people in isolation, doing shopping, etc.) or post information that is important to the local community (for example promoting volunteer organisations).

Users of the platform will find posts by non-profits, local retailers and producers, and CA stakeholders (Local and Regional Banks, local CA Foundations, Village by CA, etc.) sharing information about services and initiatives put in place during the lockdown.

J’M Mon Territoire by CA is also the platform on which Crédit Agricole posts information about its own community initiatives and links with other stakeholders, as well as useful general information about the public health crisis that may be of relevance to citizens nationwide.

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