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Crédit Agricole group partners with the “Les Margaret” 2021 awards, echoing our diversity policy

The winners and their projects


Entrepreneur Europe award: Linnéa Kornehed, co-founder of Einride (Sweden), the first company in the world to put a driverless truck on a public road. The start-up is developing electrically powered driverless delivery vehicles. A remote control system and artificial intelligence allow for live route planning and logistical follow-up (








Entrepreneur Africa award: Nneile Nkholise, co-founder and CEO of 3DIMO (South Africa), which is automating the analysis of livestock data to monitor animal health. The company’s solution generates a universally traceable in-app digital ID for each cow linked to a breeder and provides the breeder with a tool for recording animal vaccinations and movements and checking inventory (






Intrapreneur Europe award: Elham Kashefi, Professor of Quantum Computing at the University of Edinburgh, Director of Research at the CNRS – LIP6 IT laboratory, Sorbonne Université and co-founder of VeriQloud (United Kingdom/France). Elham co-founded the fields of cloud quantum computing and verification of quantum computing and has pioneered cross-disciplinary interaction of hybrid quantum/classical solutions ranging from theoretical investigation through to real experimental and industrial marketing (







Intrapreneur Africa award: Eloho Omame, founder of FirstCheck Africa and CEO of Endeavour Nigeria (Nigeria). Eloho manages a fund made up of a community of female business angels and investors focused on women, to help African women entrepreneurs in the digital world more easily raise capital.







Junior Europe award: Louise Lesueur, 11 years old, TOGETHER! (France). This app project aims to improve medical monitoring for children and people with disabilities. The solution facilitates medical communication between doctors and legal guardians, helping everyone involved in caring for a patient to dialogue and view medical data with one click.







Special jury prize: Manon Van Hoorebeke (Belgium). This 17-year-old programmer is working on a community app designed to provide girls with access to information on STEM subjects through workshops, masterclasses and collaborative projects.







Junior Africa award: Xaviera Nguefo Kowo (Cameroon). This 18-year-old programmer has developed a waste processing robot that can pick up rubbish as it goes along and take it to a predetermined area (such as a bin, rubbish dump or recycling centre) in record time.







Special jury prize: Rose Goyéli Tuo (Côte d’Ivoire). This young girl of 15 has developed X-Market, an urban development monitoring app to help manage the often uncontrolled location of roadside shops. This helps reduce accidents, neighbourhood squabbles and altercations between sellers and public authorities (seizures, destruction of goods, etc.).

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