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ERI: action plans are back!

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Creditplus listens to employees aged under 30

At Creditplus, the 2019 ERI survey highlighted areas in which employees aged under 30 expect the company to improve. In response, the German subsidiary of CA Consumer Finance set up “Future Lab”, run by Human Resources, to give employees in that age bracket the opportunity to express their opinions about the company’s future. A panel of employees aged under 30 took part in analysing the survey results and proposed a range of actions to be implemented. The goal was to build a shared vision of what makes a company attractive to the youngest employees and then aim to make Creditplus a benchmark employer for that age bracket.


Credibom: familiarity with the strategy, continuous improvement and work-life balance on the menu

CA Consumer Finance’s Portuguese subsidiary Credibom has implemented various actions with the aim of becoming a benchmark employer in its country. Multidisciplinary working groups proposed initiatives in three high-priority areas: strategy, continuous improvement and work-life balance.

In the first of these areas, a “rally”* was held to test employees’ familiarity with the company’s strategy through a team-based game and a monthly newsletter has been launched.

In the second area, the company has adopted the Kaizen methodology, prompting Operations teams in particular to develop more efficient processes. For example, the process for handling financing applications has been optimised to shorten the time between application and completion by making improvements to every step in the process (e.g. flagging up anomalies more quickly, etc.).

Lastly, in the third area, a questionnaire was sent out to assess the psychosocial risks to which employees were exposed. Resulting actions include time, stress and conflict management training as well as gym and relaxation classes. The last two areas have proved particularly helpful in managing the COVID-19 crisis.

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