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Our ERI 2020 has given us a lot information about our company. Based on the results of the ERI 2020 we have been able to create an action plan to improve those areas of SoYou that scored lower.

How did we do this?

We created the ERI Workshops involving leaders from each sub-department chosen by the Managers. These Workshop leaders had the mission to gather all the employees’ ideas for each of the subjects. From these workshops came the initiatives that were discussed and then approved by the ExCo. 

Some of these are: 
- The Intranet project: the aim of this project is to have a platform where all SoYou information is uploaded so that our employees can have updated information at all times, as well as be constantly informed about company news. Also, it’s going to be a great way to have more interaction and communication between the teams.

- The creation of an Internal Communication team: two of our strongest values are Proximity and the Team Spirit. With this new team, the company has a new way of communication so that employees are always updated on internal news, strategy, campaigns, events, corporate social responsibility, etc. 

- The Managers Community: this new Community is dedicated to sharing management practices, day-to-day issues and challenges, problems we face, proposals... We will organise Workshops where the main theme will be the Group Managerial Behaviours. Also, Managers will propose topics of their choice, generating a debate between other areas (leadership, conflict management, etc.). 

- The detailed organisation chart: our main objective with this initiative is to have a document where you can find anyone in SoYou with their job title and a description of their job. This is a great way to know who is the right person to ask when you have a specific issue.

- Referral Program: we are going to launch a referral program, where employees who refer a person for a vacancy may receive a reward. The criteria to be eligible as a referrer are the following: not be an HR team member, not be the Manager who refers someone for their own team, not to be an employee with a decision power for the vacancy. For the employee to receive the reward, the referee must pass successfully the trial period on the one hand, and on the other hand the employee has to prove that they know the referee.

These initiatives form the SoYou’s ERI Action Plan. Among these, we will implement more actions in the future. We are always working to make SoYou a better place to work and value immensely our employees’ opinion. 

For more information, please feel free to contact:

Lucía Rojo Gallo – HR Expert