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The figures of the week of February 24, 2020

› Monday: 50 tonnes

The amount of snow delivered last weekend to Luchon-Superbagnères...

...in the Pyrenees (France) to make up for the now recurrent lack of snow at mid-altitude resorts. This phenomenon is only going to intensify between now and 2050, however much effort is made to combat global warming.

› Tuesday: €103.4 bn

E-commerce in France reached €103.4 billion in 2019.

This volume represents 10% of all French commerce. Products accounted for 45% of this figure, and services 55%. This 11.6% increase on 2018 means that this figure is expected to reach €115 billion in 2020. Despite the number of transactions being a record 1.7 billion, the average basket price has fallen year on year: it is now just under €60. 190,000 online retailers have been identified, 50% of which recorded over 100 transactions.

› Wednesday: €2.4 bn

The European Central Bank’s profit in 2019, 50% higher than the previous year.

This performance is mainly due to the increase in interest earned by the Central Bank, as well as revenue from its massive asset purchase programme designed to kickstart growth in Europe. All of the ECB’s profits have been divided between the countries’ central banks.

› Thursday: €143

The average amount French people spend on transport each month, underpinned by the predominant use of motor vehicles.

Cars remain the most heavily used means of transport (68%) ahead of walking (41%), public transport (26%), cycling (11%) and regional or intercity trains (6%).

Opinionway Sofinscope – Survey of 1,027 people conducted for Sofinco, a subsidiary of CA Consumer Finance.

› Friday: 20 %

In 2019, CAL&F’s furniture leasing business grew 20% to €1.5 billion.

This growth is attributable to Greenlease, the entity’s new distribution model adopted by the 39 Regional Banks in 2018.




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