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The figures of the week of March 2, 2020

› Monday: +10%

Growth in franchise revenue in 2019.

France's 2,049 franchise networks generated almost €68 billion of revenue in 2019. The fast food sector saw the strongest growth, with revenue up 22.2%. Franchising is a virtuous business model that plays a very important role in the French economy by creating jobs and responding to people's aspirations to engage in entrepreneurship.

› Tuesday: 35%

It's the percentage of global luxury purchases attributable to Chinese customers in 2019.

Despite a significant downturn since January, the heads of the Kering and LVMH groups remain confident. However, according to experts, it is still too early to assess the impact the coronavirus will have on the luxury goods industry in 2020.

› Wednesday: 100/100

CA Technologies et Services (CA-TS)’s gender equality index score.

For the second year in a row, CA-TS has obtained a score of 100/100 on the gender equality index. Over the past few years, CA-TS made commitments and taken action to promote equality, diversity and respect within its teams. Index scores (out of 100) are calculated on the basis of five criteria: the gender pay gap, the disparity between individual pay increases, the gap in promotions between men and women, the number of employees receiving pay increases upon return from maternity leave, and gender parity among the top 10 highest paid employees.

› More info on this figure of the day on: (French link) https://travail-emploi.gouv.fr/droit-du-travail/egalite-professionnelle-discrimination-et-harcelement/questions-reponses-sur-le-calcul-de-l-index-de-l-egalite 

› Thursday: 52/100

France's score on workplace gender equality

While it still has room to improve, France is a model student in this area, according to a Europe-wide survey by Equileap. Firms were ranked on criteria including the proportion of women at various levels of seniority, parental leave programmes, wages and the pay gap, protection of rights, and the existence of an anti-discrimination recruitment strategy.

› Friday: € 4.3 billion

The total value of real estate transactions completed in 2019 by Amundi...

...taking the total sum of transactions completed over the past five years to €22 billion. At the same time, Amundi has raised over €1 billion on the real estate private debt market.




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