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Crédit Agricole commits to fighting illiteracy in industry


Illiteracy is a taboo subject that affects 2.5 million people in France. It is also a real issue in industry, as one out of two illiterate people is currently employed, according to INSEE. In connection with its CSR commitments, and with a view to social and economic independence of individuals, Crédit Agricole is taking an active role in this area, via its partnership with the association #STOPILLETTRISME. This review focuses on a partnership that is already generating real results.

About illiteracy


Being illiterate means leaving school without the basic skills (reading, writing, simple maths) needed to cope independently with common situations faced in daily life. Note that illiteracy should not be confused with being unable to read or write as a result of never attending school. Illiteracy is not only an issue in terms of social cohesion but is also a factor in occupational risks. 7% of the adult population aged between 18 and 65 and educated in France are illiterate, and half of these are aged over 45. More than two thirds of illiterate persons spoke only French at home after the age of five.


Crédit Agricole's commitment


One year ago, Crédit Agricole SA signed a partnership agreement with the association #STOPILLETTRISME, thus enabling all of the group's entities to support maintenance workers who have undertaken an eight-month diploma course to receive training in waste management and learn French. These workers are employed at Crédit Agricole SA's sites in the Greater Paris area (Evergreen, SQY Park, Montparnasse). A mentoring programme offered by Group staff has been set up to complement the diploma course provided by the cleaning companies to their employees. For one hour a week, teams of two or three mentors provide additional and personalised support to the participant to enhance their training.

The programme is currently running at three sites. It involves 31 participants and around one hundred mentors.

Crédit Agricole Assurances was the first to roll out the programme at the Montparnasse site. 12 participants, employed by GSF, received their diplomas last June. This programme is continuing, with eight participants and 20 mentors today.

On the Evergreen site - where employees of several entities operating on the site are involved - a second session has also just begun with nine participants from GSF and 25 mentors. At SQY Park, 12 participants from SAMSIC have just received their diplomas. This was the first cohort on the programme.

To view a two-minute video on the fight against illiteracy at Crédit Agricole, click here.

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