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Crédit Agricole partner of European Heritage Days

©Henri Bertand - Royal Saltworks at Arc-et-Senans (Doubs)



For the third consecutive year, Crédit Agricole is proud to be a partner of European Heritage Days (EHDs), organised by the Ministry of Culture and held this year on 15 and 16 September.  


Crédit Agricole’s commitment to heritage protection 


Through its partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Crédit Agricole strives to highlight its commitment to protecting French heritage and in particular the role played by the Regional Banks and the Crédit Agricole-Pays de France Foundation.

For over thirty-five years, Crédit Agricole has supported heritage preservation via the Crédit Agricole-Pays de France Foundation and its Regional Banks. Financial support is given to projects seeking to preserve and repair architectural, cultural and natural treasures in France, with the goal of maintaining or developing local economic, cultural and/or social activities. 


European Heritage Days 2018 


The theme for 2018, the European year of cultural heritage, is “The art of sharing”. The idea is to promote heritage as a key component of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. It is an opportunity for European citizens to better understand what connects them, by sharing long-standing values and common aesthetics, and putting aside ethnic rivalries. This theme is particularly apt considering this year is the centenary anniversary of the end of the First World War. A hugely symbolic year for the former warring parties of World War I, who have built a united Europe around a shared past and a collective goal.

Two major initiatives have been taken this year in this respect. Firstly, the European Union has declared 2018 as the “European Year of Cultural Heritage”, endorsing this topic as a focus for intercultural dialogue. In France, the mission entrusted to Stéphane Bern by the President Macron in 2017 comprised the evaluation of 2,000 natural heritage sites and resulted in 251 of these being identified as “endangered”. Secondly, it has launched a national lottery, from which a portion of the revenue will be donated to the protection of priority sites.





Did you know?

Thanks to the concerted work of the Regional Banks and the Crédit Agricole-Pays de France Foundation since 1979, over 1,300 heritage protection projects have received support through subsidies totalling €40 million.


Some of the work to be carried out at sites supported by the Regional Banks and relating to the EHD 2018 theme “The art of sharing” include:

  • The restoration of the Mont Saint-Michel Abbey Cloister (Normandy);
  • Historical restoration of Cap Moderne, including a villa designed by Irish architect Eileen Gray (Provence Côte d’Azur);
  • The restoration of the WWI Memorial Chapel of the Chemin des Dames (Aisne).




Landmark sites supported by Crédit Agricole:





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