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Magazine Feature - The keys to understanding Responsible Finance

In the past, investors sought only financial profitability. Today, this condition alone does not satisfy them. They also want their investment to make an environmental, social or societal impact... in short, for it to have meaning.

Responsible investment, ESG, SRI, sustainable development...are you lost? Read our articles to finally understand responsible finance and put an end to preconceived notions.



Responsible finance - Investing differently

» What is Responsible Investment?
» ESG criteria
» Fund selection
» Labels



Sustainable development, CSR, RI… what’s the connection?

» The origin of the notion of sustainable development
» Corporate Social Responsibility
» Responsible investment   
» Declaration of non-financial performance



Responsible investment: combating preconceived notions

» "Responsible Investment is not concrete"
» "Responsible investment is less profitable than a traditional investment"
» "Responsible Investment is just a trend"
» "Responsible investment has no impact"


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