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Some testimonials from employees

The health crisis created a shock wave, in particular for self-employed people who lacked visibility and had to adapt to the changing situation. My role had to evolve so that I could offer them advice, support and solutions. Availability, responsiveness and proactivity are qualities that became more necessary than ever in my daily work. Customers have never contacted me so often to ask for help, and I felt truly useful in providing them with cash flow assistance through solutions that LCL quickly put in place.


Professional Advisor, Espace Pro in Blagnac (LCL)






In the face of the intensity of events, we had to step outside of our pre-established frameworks (marketing and IT) and challenge ourselves to implement State-guaranteed loans 10 days. It was a company-wide project that brought us together around a common goal: supporting our customers and the economy. One year later, we can see profound changes in our organisational structure and our working methods, and we’re proud of the actions we took.

Aurélien PLANCOT

Head of Marketing, Credit PRO – LCL




In this unprecedented context, the Toulouse 31 regional bank demonstrated responsiveness and agility to support its professional customers in record time.

All stakeholders, in both the networks and in head office teams, remained mobilised while demonstrating empathy and advice as they implemented these State-guaranteed loans.

We are still proud of the support we provided throughout the country, and that gave our work real meaning.

Franck Labatut

General Manager of the Professional Division in Toulouse Centre, Toulouse 31 regional bank





Supporting customers through State-guaranteed loans was, for us, an opportunity to highlight the importance of our work. This moment allowed us to strengthen our role as an advisory partner in our customer relationships.

From an operational point of view, this was made possible through simplified and rapid procedures, in particular for providing funds, support and assistance from professional experts.

As I see it, the keys to this operation’s success were listening, responsiveness and a proactive approach to supporting all our customers.

Timothée NATHAN

Branch Manager, LCL Paris Plaisance




"The implementation of SGLs caused a real surge in our daily work as Professional Advisers, both in terms of the responsiveness we had to show our customers and the formalities of the process. All this while working remotely every other week. And we did it! For me, it was like a marathon. After a few difficult weeks, our work was rewarded by the satisfaction of our customers, who were relieved by our support and told us so. Without going too far, we took advantage of the helpful tools and processes put in place exceptionally under these circumstances.

And now, it’s time to step up our transformation. We are in another period of intense work, besides which our daily pace has picked up again. But here, too, we are focused on supporting our customers as effectively as possible."

Anne-Laure Mignot

Professional Customer Adviser (branch 440)



Customers share their testimonies, too

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