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Dialogue with stakeholders

With Tookets, our members have the power to help!

With Tookets, our members have the power to help! - Crédit Agricole


Tookets paid




organisations (since 2011)



The number of organisations has grown in recent years. Today's organisations are working increasingly in strategic sectors such as healthcare, education and the environment - a sign that they are gaining more and more weight in the socio-economic momentum of our territories.


Tookets are a local solidarity currency that can be used to make donations, thereby strengthening relations between companies, organisations and private individuals.  To take part, simply sign up on the site Tookets are collected simply by using a payment card or a savings passbook (1 euro = 100 tookets). The objective is to support the organisation of your choice, which receives the real donation.

Created in 2011 by Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne, Tookets are used today by nearly half of the Group's Regional Banks.

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