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Direct environmental footprint

Development through carbon finance

Development through carbon finance - Crédit Agricole


How does a company reduce its direct environmental footprint while supporting projects with strong social, economic and environmental value?


Crédit Agricole S.A. is a shareholder of the Livelihoods fund, which seeks to improve the living conditions of rural populations in developing countries through carbon finance. The Group has invested €5 million in the fund and for the first year used the carbon credits provided by Livelihoods as part of its voluntary policy on carbon offsetting for its energy consumption and professional transport.

At end-2015, it had a total of €50 million under management and was leading nine active projects, one in Burkina Faso, two in India, one in Indonesia, two in Senegal, one in Kenya, one in Guatemala, and one in Peru.


Livelihoods was created because limiting global warming and fighting against poverty are intimately linked. The fund is open to all companies sharing the same philosophy and seeking to develop offsetting projects with social value.

Bernard Giraud, Chairman of Livelihoods