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Responsible employer

Diversity, the pillar of an innovative managerial culture

Diversity - Crédit Agricole


Women accounting for 25% of the members of the Group's Executive Committees: the Group objective formally drafted in the "Strategic Ambition 2020" Plan.



The "Strategic Ambition 2020" Plan comprehensively calls into question the practices of the businesses. It stands as an opportunity for responding to the expectations of employees, notably those of the younger generations, in terms of managerial culture. The success of the Medium-Term Plan hinges above all on the Group's ability to foster its implementation by employees. 


The Group's Diversity policy is aimed at developing a managerial culture that is more open and more mindful of employee expectations as regards social behaviour. The issue is particularly sensitive with the youngest staff members. Through experience, we have observed that diversity is an effective resource for changing the game.

Consequently, as part of the "Respect" pillar of FReD, the Diversity action plan implemented in 2015-16 extends an initiative rolled out in 2013 with managers. Sixty-four senior executives attended awareness-raising sessions on the impact of stereotypes on managerial decisions. They became mindful that stereotypes could hinder the identification of high-potential men and women and their career development.
In 2016, more than 60 managers will be trained at several sessions in an interactive format.

Concrete commitments will be made following these sessions and proposed to the management teams.