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Facilitating social projects for the poorest populations

Facilitating social projects for the poorest populations - Crédit Agricole




social business companies financed



To address the main problems in public health and the environment, which is the best model for responding to the development of not-for-profit social businesses?


The Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation facilitates the emergence of social business projects and supports their development alongside industrial partners.
The Foundation works with the populations in the greatest need. Its priority regions are Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia.
Social business companies work to bring the poorest populations access to essential goods and services, including nutrition, drinking water, energy and healthcare. They harness innovation to respond to the needs of these populations and adapt to their specific situations, innovating in product design, manufacturing processes and distribution circuits.
Social business promoters are entrepreneurs but their main goal is a social one. The profits generated remain in the company to ensure its development.


The idea is to create a business that aims not to maximise its profits but to solve a public health or environmental problem.

Professeur Muhammad Yunus,2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner