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Inclusion of ESG criteria

For low-carbon economic growth

For low-carbon economic growth - Crédit Agricole


of low carbon intensive assets managed by Amundi



Institutional investors committed to the fight against global warming are seeking to reduce their exposure to carbon risk and turning towards assets fostering low-carbon economic growth. 


This is why Amundi , launched a family of low-carbon indices in May 2015 following pilot trials with the AP4 Swedish pension fund, the French pension reserve fund (FRR), and the French public service additional pension scheme (ERAFP), alongside the suppliers of the MSCI Index.

Comprising companies with a significantly lower carbon exposure than the market average, the range is the first to address the two main aspects of carbon exposure: carbon emissions and the consumption of fossil fuel reserves. Today a total €4.25 billion is invested in these new low-carbon index funds.



Index investment is growing fast, having risen to $10,000 billion today. It is rallying investors across the board. Our offering encourages companies to reduce their carbon footprint through a best-in-class approach without sector-based exclusions.

Frédéric Samama,Deputy Head of Institutional Clients and Sovereign Entities at Amundi