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Lasting relationships with clients

LCL listens to its clients to co-build new offers

LCL listens to its clients to co-build new offers - Crédit Agricole


calls on the LCL listening platform in 2015


Efficiency Review questionnaires collected by LCL in 2015


A major challenge for banks today is combining the use of digital tools and actively listening to clients, in an ethical manner and with their interest foremost in mind. The best way to gain a firmer understanding of client expectations remains giving them a voice. 


LCL is leading a number of major projects as part of the Customer-centric 2018 Plan. The aim is to bring its clients a seamless experience at a multi-channel, digital and inter-connected bank.To develop the most suitable responses to the expectations of its clients, LCL is giving them a voice.LCL&Co, launched in 2015, is an online platform for dialogue that is being used to co-build new products and services. Some 1,000 clients are asked to share their ideas and suggestions in online workshops organised four times a year. In addition, LCL has for several years offered all its clients the chance to fill in an "Efficiency Review" questionnaire at each contact point (branch, email, website, telephone, mobile apps). The questionnaire helps LCL to find out more about their propensity to recommend the bank and their suggestions for improvement.