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Growth relay

Supporting innovative organic farming


An increasing number of French consumers are buying organic products for health reasons or to help protect the environment. 65% of consumers bought organic products at least once every month in 2015, compared to only 43% in 2012. The number of producers has increased (26,000 in 2015) along with the number of organic businesses (39,000). The organic sector is growing fast and employment in the industry is increasing. At Crédit Agricole, the traditional farming bank, we are supporting growth in the organic food industry and we believe it is important to highlight innovative developments in this sector..


Crédit Agricole has been involved in the organisation of the “Organic excellence” awards in partnership with Agence Bio for the past 8 years. The aim of the awards, which are held every two years, is to recognise innovative developments among producers, processors and retailers in the organic food industry, whilst also publicising new methods and practices and providing support. It is also noteworthy that many of these new ideas are the fruit of cooperative efforts, sometimes involving players from different parts of the supply chain. Our regional branches also often provide local support to innovative ideas. Crédit Agricole enjoys an equivalent market share in the organic food sector as in the farming industry in general.


The Excellence BIO Awards :



Elisabeth Mercier, Director of Agence Bio ; Stanislas Pottier, Sustainable Development Director - Crédit Agricole S.A ; Michel Auzet, Environmental Manager in the Sustainable Development Department - Crédit Agricole S.A



Gilles Fumey, Geographer, Professor at Paris Sorbonne et President of the Jury ; of Philippe Bourgois, 1st Prize in the Processor category Germ'Line ; of Nicolas Brahic, 1st Prize in the Producer category