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Innovative products and services

The Village by CA, a talent incubator

Le Village by CA - Crédit Agricole


Innovation is central to economic growth and a powerful driver for businesses. To support innovation, Crédit Agricole is seeking to bring start-ups, companies, partners and Regional Banks together in the same place, the Village.


Crédit Agricole has joined forces with major groups to create a single venue and network dedicated to innovation, focused 100% on the economic growth of young companies.

The Village supports innovative, high-potential projects across France and in a range of fields, including energy and the environment, housing, health and ageing, farming and agri-food, and digital services. Start-ups benefit from contact with a number of public and private partners such as Hewlett-Packard, Orange and Microsoft.



Start-ups should be able to fly solo at the end of their lease, after a two-year period. We want the Village to give rise to national and even international champions.

Fabrice Marsella, « Maire » du Village by CA