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Crédit du Maroc - International retail banking


Stéphane Clérisse has been a Member of the Crédit du Maroc Management Board since October 2019. He heads the Operations & Transformation Division.


Stéphane Clérisse began his career at Crédit Agricole du Calvados in 1999 as a project manager. In 2000 he joined Caisse Nationale de Crédit Agricole (now Crédit Agricole SA) in the General Inspection Division, where he served as Inspector, Deputy, then Chief of Staff. In 2006, he was appointed Deputy Head of Internal Audit for the Consumer Credit Division in charge of Sofinco Group (France and International). In 2007, he worked as Head of Internal Audit for Eurofactor and Crédit Agricole Leasing. In 2010, he joined Crédit Agricole de Charente-Maritime Deux-Sèvres as Chief Loan Officer. He was also in charge of Real Estate Development and oversight of the Square Habitat network, then headed up Banking and Insurance Services. Stéphane Clérisse was Head of Corporates and Corporate Secretary of Caisse Régionale starting in February 2017.


Stéphane Clérisse holds a Master’s in Public Economics Law and a Bachelor’s in Defence from Université Panthéon Assas. He holds a political studies degree from Institut d’Etudes Politique de Paris (IEP).