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Credit Agricole Bank Polska encourages all deaf and hard of hearing people to use its services

In all branches of the bank, as well as in the telephone Contact Center, deaf customers can communicate using the Polish Sign Language. Some outlets are also equipped with induction loops. 

The use of the Polish Sign Language (PJM) service is free of charge and very simple. Communication takes place via a video call on a bank advisor's or client's smartphone. All you have to do is connect via the Internet to the website: tlumacz.migam.org and enter the name "Credit Agricole" in the search engine to connect with the translator who acts as an intermediary in the conversation between the client and the advisor. The same applies to a telephone conversation with an advisor: all the client has to do is connect to the interpreter and he or she will call the bank's hotline on his or her behalf.

The service is available at Credit Agricole from Monday to Saturday, from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm. There is no need to make an appointment for an online sign language interpreter.

- Deaf people have the same needs as everyone who can hear and want to enjoy life and banking services. That is why we meet their needs. We know that the first language of the deaf is sign language, which has separate grammar and syntax from spoken Polish. Therefore, the deaf have difficulty in understanding a text written in Polish, and a person who does not know sign language has difficulty in understanding the sequence of sentences written by a deaf person. That is why an interpreter is needed - explains Anna Filipowicz, Director of Service Quality Office at Credit Agricole.

The bank launched a remote sign language translation system in cooperation with Migam. It is a part of the "I'm listening" project carried out at Credit Agricole since January this year. The program aims to improve standards of service for people with hearing problems, as well as to change the perception of deaf people and their integration with the rest of society.

- Credit Agricole is an accessible bank. Thanks to the Migam Translator service, every deaf person can be properly served. The most important thing is the high professionalism of our translators, who have a lot of experience and guarantee that there will be no doubts on the part of the client - emphasizes Przemysław Kuśmierek, CEO of Migam.

The Migam remote translation system is available in all the bank's own branches and in partner outlets operating under the Credit Agricole brand throughout Poland. Additionally, 10 branches in the largest cities have been equipped with induction loops, i.e. devices amplifying the sound signal and facilitating conversation for clients using hearing aids.

The Bank also makes available templates of documents concerning basic banking products (e.g. account agreement and regulations and credit card agreement and regulations) in a form adjusted to the needs of people with hearing or sight problems. At each outlet, as well as through the bank's telephone helpline, customers can order these documents e.g. in a translated version on PJM, in the form of a printout in Braille or in an audio file.

- In this way we increase the availability of our services as well as the comfort of customers with hearing impairment who would like to use our bank. I cordially invite everyone to do so - encourages Anna Filipowicz.

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