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Dividends are the portion of a company’s net profit that is distributed to shareholders. Its amount is proposed by the Board of Directors then voted by the Shareholders’ Meeting after the approval of the accounts of the last year.

Receiving dividends

Dividends must be paid to shareholders, in proportion to the number of shares that they hold, within nine months of the end of the company’s financial year. Dividends are most commonly paid in cash, i.e. in euros. Also, they can be paid in newly-issued shares if this option is approved by the Shareholders’ Meeting.
To be eligible to the dividend, one must own a share on the coupon clipping date. 
Receiving dividends requires no special action on your part. Cash dividends will be credited directly to your securities account by your financial intermediary.


2020 Dividend:

After approving the financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2020, the Ordinary General Meeting of Crédit Agricole S.A. decided to distribute a dividend of EUR 0.80 per share. In order to address the recommendations of the European Central Bank dated 15 December 2020 governing the payment of the dividend in cash and in agreement with it, it was proposed that the General Shareholders’ Meeting take a decision on the possibility of paying the dividend either in cash or in shares; the choice for one of the two options is exclusive of the other. The shareholders of Crédit Agricole S.A. widely approved this proposal.

The conditions for determining the issue price of the new shares to be issued in payment of the dividend provide that this price may not be less than 90% of the weighted average of the quoted prices during the twenty trading sessions preceding the date of the Meeting, less the net amount of the dividend subject of the fourth resolution and rounded up to the nearest euro cent. Meeting on 12 May at the end of the General Shareholders' Meeting, the Board of Directors decided, pursuant to the delegation of authority approved by the Meeting, to apply a 5% discount to the value of the share in the context of the scrip dividend payment option. Thus the issuance price of the new shares is of €11.28, based upon a weighted average of quoted prices during the twenty last trading sessions of €12.67, and including the 5% discount upon the share price excluding dividend.

Regarding the 2020 dividend, nominative shareholders have two possibilities :
-  to receive their dividend in cash, for which they have no particular action to do ;
-  to receive the dividend in the form of newly issued shares, the price of which was determined to be 11,28€, corresponding to the weighted average of the 20 market sessions prior to the General Assembly. In order to do so, nominative shareholders must contact their bank between May 20th and June 3rd (beware that some banks may ask for processing delay).   
Whether in cash or newly issued shares, the payment will occur on June 9th 2021.


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Last update: March 2021



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