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  • 2010/02/04
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London, 4th February 2010 - In line with its ambitious development plan, CASAM ETF ended 2009 on a very positive note.

Assets under management doubled

Amundi strengthened its position among the major players in the European ETF market with assets under management totaling €3.3 billion at 31st December 2009, more than double that of the previous year*.

Several products in the range have reached a significant size, allowing investors to make effective use of them in their asset allocation process.

The leading European ETF provider in 2009**

By launching an average of 10 new products every 3 months, the CASAM ETF range has rapidly expanded and now comprises 78 products, notable for their competitive pricing.

The range covers the main asset classes: equities, fixed income, money markets and commodities, offering investors a genuine toolbox of products.

In line with its strategy, CASAM ETF will continue to provide products that are characterized by their competitive pricing, quality and innovation.

As part of the CASAM ETF range, these new products are distributed by a dedicated sales team at CA Cheuvreux and by the sales teams of Amundi.

For more information, visit casametf.com.

*Source: Amundi Investment Solutions - €1.5 billion at end of 2008
**In terms of products launches - Source: Blackrock - ETF Landscape - Annual Review - December 2009

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