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Our societal project

To address today’s major societal and environmental challenges, Crédit Agricole is committed to supporting all its customers in their social transitions, through their day-to-day lives, at the heart of the real economy of our regions.

To this end, we are launching a major societal project.

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(Find out more about our our commitments)

Acting for the climate and the transition to a low-carbon economy


#1 - Achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

  • By being part of all the collective commitments made by the major financial institutions: all the Group’s businesses are working together to contribute to carbon neutrality in 2050, and thus aligning the emissions of our lending and investment portfolios with trajectories targeting net zero by 2050 or earlier. 
  • And by supplementing them with our own commitments:

#2 - Advise and support 100% of our customers in their energy transition

  • By giving everyone access to cleaner vehicles: from 2022 onwards, we are extending our operational leasing offer to all customers and focusing on hybrid and electric vehicles (
  • By committing to use our branch network to equip the country with electric charging stations to facilitate access even in the most rural areas.
  • By helping all our customers to successfully renovate their homes, whether they are owners or tenants.
  • By helping all our entrepreneurial customers (farmers, professionals and companies) to successfully complete their energy transition.

#3 - Incorporate extra-financial performance criteria in 100% of our financing to businesses and farmers


Strengthening social cohesion and inclusion



#4 - Promote social and digital inclusion and adapt to economic and societal changes

  • Acting for banking inclusion with the Points Passerelle, which for 25 years have been providing advice and overall support to people in difficult financial situations as a result of life’s hazards (illness, loss of employment, separation, etc.): nearly 134,000 people have been assisted since the programme’s creation.
  • Enabling seniors to “Live Well at Home” and innovating in order to relieve carers by offering banking and non-banking services adapted to:
  • Making everyday insurance available to all with EKO Assurances, without compromising on the quality of essential guarantees because everyone has the right to be well protected against life’s hazards.

#5 - Contribute to the revitalisation of the most fragile regions and reduce social inequalities by promoting employment, solidarity and access to essential goods and services and digital technology

#6 - Promote the integration of young people through employment and training

  • In 2021, Crédit Agricole launched Youzful, a platform to connect young people with companies recruiting in their region.
  • And Crédit Agricole is committed to welcoming and training 50,000 young people, including work-study students and interns, in France and abroad by 2025.

#7 - Amplify gender equality and diversity in all Crédit Agricole entities and within its governance 


Succeeding in agricultural and agri-food transitions



#8 - Support the development of techniques for a competitive and sustainable agri-food system by launching a pan-European private equity and debt fund with a target of €1bn

#9 - Enable French agriculture to actively contribute to the fight against climate change. In 2022, the Group will:

  • Work on the structuring of the carbon sector through a French platform for the exchange of carbon credits,
  • Support all market and local projects that contribute to decarbonising agriculture.

# - 10 Help to strengthen food sovereignty 

  • Promoting agricultural professions and connecting young people in search of advice or employment with professionals in the agricultural field
  • Facilitating the installation of new generations of farmers with more than 10,000 installations supported each year
  • Supporting farmers who wish to sell their products through short circuits

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