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  • 2013/01/22
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Amundi ETF sees assets under management increase by 37% in 2012

2012 was a successful year for Amundi ETF, one of Europe’s leading ETF providers, with net inflows recorded of EUR 1.4 billion over the year, representing growth in assets under management of 37%.

• Strong growth in assets under management
Throughout 2012, the teams at Amundi ETF worked to offer investors solutions tailored to an ever-changing market environment. The outcome of this was an increase in AUM from EUR 6.5 billion at end-December 2011 to EUR 8.9 billion at the end of 2012 , a rise of 37% compared to growth in the overall European ETF market of 22%. This trend continued in 2013 with the EUR 9 billion AUM threshold crossed in January .
• An expanded product range
The main drivers of product development were a combination of innovation and responding to investors’ requirements. The range was expanded in 2012, with two recently introduced products bringing the total available to more than 100 ETFs:
- one tracking the GOVT Bond Highest Rated EUROMTS Investment Grade 1-3 index, a new asset allocation tool within the investment grade Eurozone fixed income range
- one tracking the TOPIX Euro Daily Hedged strategy index, offering an innovative solution for investors wishing to gain exposure to Japanese equities while benefiting from daily hedging against euro/yen currency risk
• A broader European presence
In April, Amundi ETF pioneered a new phase in its European development plan by entering the Spanish market, while continuing to strengthen its local presence in other major countries. Amundi ETF’s range now includes more than 430 cross-listings and registrations in seven European countries: France (102), Germany (75), Italy (75), Netherlands (75), Switzerland (55), United Kingdom (43) and Spain (8).

Valérie Baudson, Managing Director of Amundi ETF, commented: “In 2012 we observed two trends that accounted for the majority of inflows: a search for security in the first part of the year, then, as risk appetite gradually returned during the summer, strong interest for corporate bonds as well as for developed and emerging market equities. 2013 looks like it will be a pivotal year and an interesting challenge in terms of asset allocation. We aim to continue to offer innovative and competitive products that meet the needs of investors.”

Further information about Amundi ETF can be found on the amundietf.com website.


Investment in a Fund carries a substantial degree of risk. The price and value of investments can go down as well as up. Investors may not get back the original amount invested and may lose all of their investment. For further details regarding the risks, please refer to the key investor information document (“KIID”) and the prospectus for the relevant Fund, which are available in English upon request or on amundietf.com. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Returns may increase or decrease as a result of currency fluctuations.
As of 31/12/2012, Funds described in this document are not recognised collective investment schemes for the purposes of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 of the United Kingdom and may not be authorised for distribution in all countries. It is the investor’s responsibility to ensure that they are authorised to invest in a Fund.

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Amundi ETF
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About Amundi ETF 

With over 100 ETFs* and €8.9bn in assets under management at 31 December 2012, Amundi ETF covers the main asset classes (equities, fixed income, EONIA, and commodities) and geographical exposures (Europe, US, emerging markets, and world). As one of the pioneers in the ETF market with its first products launched in 2001, Amundi ETF is characterised by its quality products, continuous innovation and its low cost policy and relies on a wide network of “Authorised Participants” (more than 50* brokers and market makers)
Amundi ETF is present in 7* European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom.
Amundi ETF designates the ETF business of Amundi Investment Solutions. Amundi ETF received a Special Commendation in the “European ETF Provider of the Year” category by Funds Europe in 2011 and Amundi Group was awarded “Best Europe Equity ETF Manager 2010” and “Best Fixed Income – Cash (Money Market) ETF Manager 2011” in March 2010 and March 2011 respectively, as voted by the readers of ETF Express.
* As of 31/12/2012. The Funds described in this document may not be authorised for distribution in all countries. It is the investor’s responsibility to ensure that they are authorised to invest in a Fund. 

About Amundi
Amundi ranks second in Europe1 and ninth worldwide1 among the players in asset management with close to €750 billion under management2.

Located at the heart of the main investment regions in some 30 countries, Amundi offers a comprehensive range of products covering all asset classes and major currencies.
Amundi has developed savings solutions to meet the needs of more than 100 million retail customers worldwide and designs innovative, high-performing products for institutional clients which are tailored specifically to their requirements and risk profile.
It contributes to funding the economy by orienting savings toward company development.
Benefiting from the support of two powerful banking groups, Crédit Agricole and Société Générale, Amundi aims to establish itself as a leading European asset management, recognised for:
- the quality of its products, their financial performance and transparency
- its close relations with customers, partner networks and institutions
- the efficiency of its organisation, resulting from the individual and collective talents of its teams
- a commitment to integrate sustainability and socially responsible criteria into its investment policies, going beyond financial criteria alone.

1. Total Amundi Group assets under management – Source IPE “Top 400 asset managers active in the European marketplace” published in September 2012, based on figures as at December 2011. Ranking established from a questionnaire fulfilled by fund management companies total AUM as at December 2011 (open-end funds, dedicated funds, mandates). Ranking modified to account for a double counting of assets.
2. Amundi Group figures as at 30 September 2012.

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