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Alessia Mosca

Born in 1975

Alessia Mosca
  • Independent Director
  • Member of the Appointments and Governance Committee, of the Audit Committee, of the US Risks Committee and of the Compensation Committee

Date first appointedMay 2021

Term of office2026

Number of Crédit Agricole S.A. shares held at 31/12/20221,000

Brief Biography

Alessia Mosca, who holds a PhD in Political Science, has developed expertise in international trade during the course of her career and now teaches this subject as an Adjunct Professor at Sciences Po Paris, having served as a Member of the European Parliament, where she sat on the Committee on International Trade. She has published several parliamentary reports, with a strong emphasis on the Committee’s work and interventions in Asia (China, Japan, Singapore). She has worked on trade agreements with Canada, Japan, Vietnam and Singapore, and on agricultural agreements with Morocco and Tunisia. A former centrist deputy of the Italian Parliament, she authored the Italian law of 2011 on gender quotas on Boards of Directors, which was named after her (the Golfo-Mosca Law).


Update: May 2021

Other positions

Adjunct ProfessorSciences Po Paris

Adjunct ProfessorBocconi University (Italy)

Deputy ChairwomanAssociation Il Cielo Itinerante

In other non-listed companies

Member of the European Parliament (2019)

Other positions

Secretary General Association Italia ASAN (2021)

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