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Nexecur: Together Differently 2022

Nexecur is implementing its new “Together Differently 2022” business plan – a strategic plan that is fully aligned with the Crédit Agricole Group Project, both organisationally and in terms of the commitments enshrined in its relationship model. Nexecur has set itself ambitious targets across its four business areas, each of which offers an attractive growth outlook. The company is continuing to strengthen its fundamentals by investing in a large-scale transformation plan over the next three years. To fuel its continuing expansion, Nexecur is increasing its focus on both synergies within the Group and partnerships with leading manufacturers.


Established more than 30 years ago in its core business of remote monitoring, Nexecur is currently going through a period of decisive transition. The market environment is changing very quickly, with numerous new players entering the security market. This has prompted Nexecur to upgrade its model while capitalising on its core business to further strengthen it and boost sales.


A bit of background:

  • 5G, AI and virtual assistants are all revolutionising the smart home space.
  • While the need to have expertise in connected objects serving customers in their homes appears strategic, the pace and scale of development are uncertain.
  • Cyber risk is a major threat: a supplier’s reputation as a trusted third party can be seriously damaged if home monitoring data is leaked.
  • Residential remote monitoring is a high-growth conquest market, with sales of €550 million and growing at 12% a year.
  • The market, although fragmented, is dominated by legacy players and is attracting new entrants (Orange, Free and SFR).
  • People all across France are feeling increasingly insecure, with high numbers of burglaries* but a low take-up rate for remote monitoring equipment**.

* The number of actual and attempted burglaries increased 23.5% between 2006 and 2018 (source: CNIS lifestyle and security surveys, 2007-2019).

** France has a take-up rate of 6.5%, compared with 20% for Northern Europe (source: En toute sécurité Atlas 2019).

Why “Together Differently 2022”?


The business, which has already begun to take some evolutionary steps, is set to go through a major transition phase over the next three years. This period will see substantial investment through a large-scale transformation plan that runs until 2022.


To enable Nexecur to become a leader in the French security market and a key business unit within the Group, it was important that its areas of strategic focus be brought together under a business plan in step with the Group Project, which covers three fundamental areas: relationship excellence, the Human-Centric Project based on empowerment, and the Societal Project based on day-to-day engagement.


Nexecur CEO Jean-Charles Leyris explains the significance of the name given to this new business plan:

Pillars and strategic goals


In keeping with the Crédit Agricole Group Project and its goals, Nexecur’s ambition is to become the leading player in its business area. To achieve this goal, it is drawing on a range of offerings designed to cater for new consumer behaviours and key moments in its customers’ lives while focusing on relationship excellence.

Jean-Guillaume Ménès, Chairman of Nexecur’s Board of Directors, defines the company’s raison d’être:


The three pillars of Nexecur’s new business plan – relationship excellence, social engagement and local empowerment – are fully aligned with the Group’s overall strategy.

  • Genuine relationship excellence through collective management and the development of a customer experience aligned with new behaviours
  • Innovative social engagement, offering a range of universally accessible services while strengthening our commitment to a policy of social responsibility and diversity
  • Local empowerment to ensure that our working arrangements are people-centric and our customers’ needs are taken care of


This approach is supported by four strategic goals underpinned by a three-year plan dubbed “Together Differently 2022”.

  • Grow by offering a customer experience based on service offerings that cater for new behaviours
  • Transform by focusing on our people and redrawing management, functional and organisational boundaries
  • Innovate to offer a simple, clear experience with more smart home services
  • Perform by working together to deliver operational excellence to boost both customer satisfaction and the value of the business

This plan is underpinned by two major programmes designed to help the company become a high-growth industry player with innovative offerings:

  • Consolidation of the Nexecur group’s infrastructure through a secure, high-performance IT plan. Steps are being taken to strengthen and harmonise information systems with the highest possible level of security. These developments will ensure that the group’s technological environments boost productivity and help enhance customer relationships.
  • Creation of theMy Home Protection offering combined with insurance, which accounts for 33% of total investment. Nexecur and Pacifica, a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Assurances, are investing in smart homes through a secure, innovative modular offering sold directly by the Regional Banks and LCL under a new distribution model. The offering will be rolled out on a phased basis between late 2020 and early 2021.

Who else is Nexecur working with?


To fuel its continuing expansion, Nexecur is increasing its focus on both synergies within the Group and partnerships with leading manufacturers.

Nexecur solutions for the specific needs of Group entities


-        Equipment for Square Habitat branches

-        Ongoing work to secure sites: Evergreen, Montparnasse, Gaïa, etc.

-        Entities already secured: the majority of Regional Banks and a few subsidiaries

Convergence with Crédit Agricole Assurances


-          Audit and IT Security

-          Ageing Well At Home/Korian Platform

-          An expanded range of non-banking and insurance services for customers

Pacifica’s backing for Nexecur solutions: a catalyst

-        Support and coordination plans, sponsored by regional delegates, have been strengthened.

-        Tools are being upgraded, with the future residential offering to be incorporated into New Sesame.

-        Financial planning and reporting arrangements have been tightened up.

-        Structured control systems have been put in place.

-        Infrastructure is being consolidated through a “remediation plan”.


Thierry Langreney, Deputy Chairman of Nexecur’s Board of Directors and CEO of Pacifica, said:

Nexecur in brief



The four markets in which Nexecur operates


Nexecur continues to operate during the COVID-19 epidemic

In these unique circumstances, Nexecur’s staff have been working hard to continue to ensure security for customers 24/7, maintaining optimum protection against intrusion, fire and emergencies (such as domestic accident, illness or even assault).

As regards maintenance of remote monitoring systems, priority service continues to be delivered. If a technician has to visit a personal or business customer’s premises, all necessary steps are taken to protect both the customer and the technician.

Even under lockdown, every day has brought attempted burglaries. Eighty percent of burglaries take place during daylight hours and last an average of only three minutes, and one third of burglaries take place while the occupants are at home*. At this time of public health crisis, our staff are working harder than ever to maintain service.

To obtain a response as quickly as possible, customers can contact Nexecur by calling or e-mailing client@nexecur.fr


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