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Pink October: the Crédit Agricole group takes action

#fightagainstbreastcancer #solidarity

The 27th campaign promoting early detection and the fight against breast cancer is taking place in October 2020. The Pink October campaign has been running annually in France ever since 1994 with the aim of raising public awareness of breast cancer screening and raising funds for medical and scientific research.


One out of every eight women is at risk of developing breast cancer. Every year, 54,000 new cases are detected and nearly 12,000 women die of breast cancer, making it the number one cause of cancer death in women.

The Crédit Agricole group attaches particular importance to this campaign. Even though it’s more difficult to get physically involved this year, a number of Group entities have stepped up to help combat this disease.


Numerous initiatives across the Crédit Agricole group


The Centre Loire Regional Bank had the idea of launching salary rounding in support of three local non-profits working to combat cancer in general: “Foutu Cancer 58”, “Flamme en rose” and “La Ligue contre le cancer”.  



The Franche-Comté Regional Bank opted to contribute to the cost of printing a book titled “Passerelle de Vie” (“Gateway to Life”), published by non-profit organisation OncoDoubs; profits from the sale will help the latter continue to operate. OncoDoubs is keen to promote adapted physical activity both during treatment and after illness, and offers cosmetic and personal care (advice on clothes and make-up) with the aim of boosting confidence and well-being in patients undergoing chemotherapy at hospitals in the Franche-Comté region.




LCLVoitRose is running a challenge under the same name. The idea is to create a temporary community focused on the event to bring together employees. The latter are asked to post photos of themselves with pink items or clothes (e.g. a pen, Post-it note, ribbon, hat, T-shirt, etc.). A judging panel will select the best 15 photos.




Staff at the Languedoc Regional Bank can take part in an event named “La Montpellier Reine a du cœur” by buying a tabard and wearing it to run wherever they like. All funds raised will be donated to various non-profits such as La Ligue contre le Cancer, Institut du Cancer de Montpellier, etc.
The Gard and Lozère Regional Banks are also running events, giving out roses and leaflets to customers and supporting local activities (a children’s race, a talk by a cancer specialist, etc.).


The Alpes Provence Regional Bank has opted to run a number of events in support of non-profit Ruban Rose:

  • On 2 October, at the initiative of the Embrunais Serre-Ponçon Local Bank, local elected representatives and volunteer staff from branches in the Hautes-Alpes region wore the iconic pink rose. Posters, balloons, flyers and ribbons were given out for an inaugural party at the Embrun branch attended by local public figures and members of the press.
  • A general awareness-raising day has been organised for 8 October, with pink ribbons to be given out to staff and customers.
  • Lastly, the Regional Bank is helping organise free “Ciné Santé” cinema screenings run by MSA Provence Azur, followed by discussions with healthcare professionals.





At Crédit Agricole Centre France, the traditional “Clermont en rose” (“Clermont in pink”) race was held in a different format from previous years due to the coronavirus crisis: on 2, 3 and 4 October, participants walked, ran, swam, pedalled… and submitted the distance they’d covered via a counter that calculated the total distance. Regional Bank staff are also to be invited to take part in a virtual run in conjunction with non-profit organisation Crédit Agricole Centre France Running.




Staff at CACIB Asia-Pacific are encouraged to wear pink on 23 October, when pink masks will also be given out to them.
A fundraising campaign is also being organised in support of the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation. The company will match employee donations. 


At Crédit Agricole Normandie-Seine, every step counts! Between 28 September and 4 October, the “Tous en Baskets” (“Everyone in trainers”) event brought together a thousand employees and trustees grouped into teams of four. Their goal was to complete as many steps as possible over the course of the week. Thanks to this challenge, as much as €10,000 will be donated to Groupement des Entreprises Françaises dans la Lutte contre le Cancer (Gefluc).


CACEIS is making piggy banks available to employees at its concierge desk throughout October. All funds raised will be donated to the Marie Curie Institute to help fund cancer research. 



Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée, via Initiative Sociétaire Atlantique Vendée and the Roche Vendée, Roche Bourg and Roche Saint-André Local Banks, is taking part in the “La Joséphine” race for the fourth year running. The event has been specially adapted this year: participants will walk or run 5 km, wherever and whenever they like, between 1 and 11 October 2020, and will then share photos from the event on social media with the hashtag #jesuisjosephine. 




Lastly, Crédit Agricole Technologies et Services has planned a webinar on the subject for 13 October, alongside non-profit Entreprise et Cancer.



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