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Crédit Agricole in Italy

Crédit Agricole Italia banking Group, via its commercial banks, operates in 11 Italian regions which account for 73% of the population and 80% of GDP. Through specific positioning built around the Customer, the Group is a customer-focused retail bank covering all market segments.




  • Crédit Agricole Italia (CAI)

    Listening, trust, social responsibility, innovation, global thinking and quality are the values that have inspired the identity and services provided by the Group, which are expressed in the following way:

    • the multichannel approach, allows customers to choose how and when they want to use banking services, either at a branch or elsewhere;
    • an innovative and digitally integrated wealth advisory service, to meet the expectations of a more demanding customer base via a network of highly specialized financial advisers;
    • a whole range of services for the large corporate segment, thanks to major commercial synergies with other Crédit Agricole Group business lines;
    • a complete range of products and specialised advice in the Agri-Agro sector, with dedicated areas for young entrepreneurs, both at branches and online;
    • an International Desk service rooted in Crédit Agricole's international network with proven domestic and foreign market expertise to assist small and mid-sized companies with transactions and international development;
    • a new brand that enhances value while highlighting the fact that the bank is a member of a large international Group.


    Brand affiliation with such a solid, international Group like Crédit Agricole supports the solidity of Crédit Agricole Italia banking Group, affirming its presence alongside other major Italian banking players.


    The banking group through its commercial banks - Crédit Agricole Cariparma, Crédit Agricole FriulAdria and Crédit Agricole Carispezia – unified its presance in Italy by aquiring Cassa di Risparmio di Cesena, Cassa di Risparmio di Rimini, and Cassa di Risparmio di San Miniato at the end of 2017.
    Thus, the group reached 2 million customers (+ 20%), increased its market share by 1% and is continuing to develop in key regions for industry and agri-business, with more than 200 new branches and 18 billion in total assets.


  • Key figures

    Italy : 60.8 million inhabitants




     2,1 M customers
    962 branches
    9,354 employees

    Total asset : 65 bn€



    Source: BPI/Fin – Data at 31/12/2019

  • Strategic Approach

    Since 2016, the bank continues to carry out and adapt the "Ambizione Italia 2020" MTP, which aims to strengthen its position as a leader in international retail and commercial banking, with specific positioning in the Italian banking scene.


    • Multichannel transformation “regarding branches”
    • Evolution and optimization of the distribution model
    • Development of "online" presence (directs channels, online acquisition, SEO…)
    • Improve the customer experience and customer satisfaction
    • Develop and consolidate the customer base
    • Financial advisory service innovation, through integration via digitalization and the new commercial channel "Consulenti Finanziari"
    • Strengthening and innovation of the "Housing Loan" offer
    • Development in the Mid-corporate and Agri-Agro segments
    • Continue investment in training and personal growth
    • Enhance value of HR and talents
    • Establish a major investment plan, particularly targeting innovation and efficiency (IT, Risk Management, new procedures)
    • Large real estate projects
    • Enhance value of being affiliated with Crédit Agricole Group (new brand, new positioning)
    • Develop intra-group synergies between the various CA entities in Italy


  • Governance



    Crédit Agricole Italia Management

    • Giampiero Maioli - Managing Director and CEO of Crédit Agricole S.A. Group activities in Italy - Member of Crédit Agricole S.A.'s Executive Committee;
    • Roberto Ghisellini - Deputy CEO (retail) - CA Cariparma
    • Olivier Guilhamon - Deputy CEO (corporate)
    • Gianluca Borrelli - CEO - CA CariSpezia
    • Carlo Piana - CEO - CA FriulAdria


    BPI Supervision

    • Stanislas Ribes - Head of BPI Supervision & Control
    • Letteria Barbaro-Bour - Supervision Head - Italy

  • Universal retail banking in Italy

    Italy is the Crédit Agricole Group’s second domestic market.

    All of the Group’s business lines are present in the country: commercial banking, consumer credit, corporate and investment banking, asset management, insurance, and services dedicated to wealth management, which complement the whole range of products. Close collaboration and developed synergies between the commercial network of banks and business lines makes it possible for Crédit Agricole to bring a vast and comprehensive range of offers to Italy, serving all economic players.



    Groupe Crédit Agricole Italia
    Banque Universelle de Proximité



  • Key economic indicators







    Population (in millions)



    Population growth rate



    Nominal GDP (in USD billions)



    Real GDP growth, annual (%)



    Nominal GDP growth (%)



    GDP per inhabitant, current USD



    Inflation rate



    Unemployment (%)



    National saving rate



    Household savings rate



    Budget deficit/GDP (%)



    source : FMI, ECO / Crédit Agricole S.A (Data at end 2019)

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