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Week for the Earth at CABP

On the occasion of the International Earth Day, Credit Agricole Bank Polska organized the Week for the Earth and engaged its employees in a number of CSR initiatives for environmental protection. 

CABP volunteers got involved in the #TrashChallenge action, which consists in cleaning public places.

Partner for the second time of the Green Record of Poland campaign organised by Dotlenieni.org, Crédit Agricole Bank Polska also turned 13 of its Wroclaw branches green a few days ago. The popularity of the Green Record of Poland initiative is growing steadily every year. Several Polish towns and cities have already signed up. Last year, 10,921 trees and bushes were planted. The goal for this year is 20,000.

Several rooms of all the Bank's Head Office buildings have been equipped with sets of glasses and jugs, which make it possible to get water without using plastic bottles and packaging.

The Bank also set up a bicycle maintenance and repair station for its staff, which could be used by anyone commuting to work on two wheels. In addition, the bank ran an educational campaign about the ecological working style - how to save electricity, water and paper, eliminate plastics and environmentally friendly commuting.

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