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Crédit Agricole Ukraine lent its support to the "Created by Women" business award

The "Created by Women” competition, which aimed to support women's entrepreneurship in Ukraine, closed several days ago and the results have been announced.

The winners were selected from among 37 candidates representing unique projects from various companies. Fields included architecture, design, agriculture and the food industry.

Crédit Agricole Ukraine partnered with the event because it supports diversity and women's entrepreneurship and also because it sees potential in start-ups.

The award was established at the initiative of the Women in Business Committee of the French-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFU), which is made up of women who run French companies in Ukraine.

“In recent years, French companies have actively supported increasing the number of women in corporate management positions. Approximately 40% of companies in France are created or started by women. It cannot be said, of course, that the situation in France is perfect, but we see that we have tools and ways to improve it. We believe we should support women's entrepreneurship in Ukraine, and France can set a good example given its experience in this area,” said Jean-Paul Piotrowski, CEO of Crédit Agricole Ukraine and President of the CCIFU.

“In Ukraine, French companies are making an effort to promote women’s entrepreneurial skills and women increasingly hold management positions, as is the case in France. Crédit Agricole partnered with the event because we believe that the diversity of female talent in different sectors of the economy should be recognised and supported,” stated Larysa Bondarieva, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Crédit Agricole Ukraine.      

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