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Crédit Agricole Titres

Crédit Agricole Titres is the leader in securities custody with a 40% market share and established itself throughout the years as the reference player in the french custody market.
Committed to meeting its clients’requirements, Credit Agriole Titres helps them with their digital transformation.
Being recognised for its solidity and expertise, Crédit Agricole Titres is in charge of employee savings and was entrusted with the inter branches (Caisses Régionales de Crédit Agricole) client mobility management.

  • Transferable securities

    10million accounts + € 200 billion in assets in custody*

  • Employee savings

    44 000 companies 590 000 employees*

  • Bank savings

    1 500 DAT (Term deposit accounts)*

In a context of new technologies rising and an ever increasing consumer protection environment, Crédit Agricole Titres offers innovative and taylor made solutions matching the evolutions requirements of securities/advisory/private/wealth management services.

Crédit Agricole Titres is also in charge of Facilit, the service dealing with and easing the banking mobility for clients moving from a regional branch to another.
* From Crédit Agricole Titres figures dated December 31st, 2016.

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