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Crédit Agricole Ukraine, among the 3 most reliable banks

Credit Agricole Ukraine is among the TOP-3 most reliable financial institutions according to the rating composed jointly by the weekly magazine «Novoie Vriemia» and the investment company Dragon Capital. The bank has been recognized among the rating’s leaders for the second year in a row.

The reliability of financial institutions was established by the investment company Dragon Capital, based on the total score that the bank received in terms of the following indicators: capital adequacy, liquidity, depositors’ trust, shareholders’ support, profitability, asset quality, and qualitative indicators (transparency of bank’s activities, balanced risk management, reputation). 

«The good name of Credit Agricole Ukraine is our most valuable asset that for sure influences the success of business. We are grateful for the appreciation of the bank’s performance results as well as for the recognition of experts. This year, the bank celebrated its 25th anniversary in Ukraine. In a quarter of a century, we have transformed from a bank with 100 employees specializing in dealing with international companies to a universal bank that operates throughout the whole territory of Ukraine. All of this was achieved thanks to our agile, united and inspired team. I say «thank you» to each and every employee for their contribution to the development of the bank», - Jean-Paul Piotrowski, Chairman of the Board of Credit Agricole Ukraine, commented.    

It is worth mentioning that the reliability of Credit Agricole Ukraine was recognized by local and international ratings a number of times. In particular, Credit Agricole received the highest possible Fitch rating in Ukraine (long-term rating – AAA) for three consecutive years. This rating marks the status of the bank as one of the highest-rated national issuers.

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