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Power Programmes: or how to build the engagement of CA BP employees and teams - credit agricole bank and group

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Aware of the objectives arising from our strategy and of the need to adapt to the new reality, we decided to develop program People Power, implement new Power Teams and run a regular dialogue with employees.

Our ERI 2020 results and the 2021 target 

In 2020, our engagement index went up by 7 pp. Our engagement was 2 pp. higher than the average for the CA Group, and 3 pp. higher comparing to the Polish entities. In 2021, in a demanding, pandemic-affected environment, we continued to run the proven programmes that we launched in the last couple of years such as the quarterly engagement survey or development programmes for our employees*. 

people power

People Power

People Power is a programme intended to create engaging and attractive work environment. 
Each quarter, based on ERI Pulse results and employee’s recommendations we organise People Power Days – 2 weeks of events (webinars and workshops with internal and external experts, team challenges and contests) focused on employees’ engagement. During pandemy we were focused on these ERI items that required special support: work-life balance (stress management and balanced parenthood), sustaining integrity and strong relationships in dispersed and remote teams, sense of belonging and sense of accomplishment. Due to pandemic context we switched into full remote approach of all events and tested new formula of events. Thanks to that new webinar with the Bank’s Management Board open for all employees have gained the greatest popularity. 
ERI Pulse survey result for the second quarter confirmed high level of our employees’ engagement. The elements of our work environment that are especially appreciated by employees will be the basis for our new Employer Branding strategy and communication plan to attract new talents. 

power teams

Power Teams

Power Teams is a programme focused on re-designing of work organisation – introduction hybrid workstyles and new managerial routines to increase teams’ agility and information flow within our organisation.
We promoted regular, more frequent pace of meetings and provided Kanban tools facilitating task management. Our employees had an opportunity to improve their knowledge during webinars on various work methodologies (lean or agile) and meetings’ scenarios. Managers, who already implemented new meetings formula, shared their experiences and best practises. To improve efficiency of online meetings we have implemented new rules and online savoir vivre – shorten time of meetings, regular breaks, and activating of all meeting participants. Each quarter we ask employees in the survey to assess effectiveness of hybrid work and remote / office work activities. Based on the results we invite managers to dedicated webinars to improve work efficiency in teams.
All Head Quarter managers were involved in workshops to work out our new hybrid model and redefine our office functions. In our new approach, we are focused on team activities, interactions, cross-functional cooperation and social functions of our Head Quarter. In July we started test and learn phase of Team Days planned in the office. It ended in August with summary survey to define and implement new hybrid work rules for our organisation.

ERI and ERI Pulse** – a platform for regular dialogue with employees

The ERI survey provides an important space for dialogue with CA BP employees on various aspects of their work. We maintain this dialogue using a quarterly engagement survey that measures 10 factors*** comprising a unit’s engagement index. We use the results to plan activities, and react by taking targeted actions for teams that need support. These engagement factors that require improvement are addressed in our quarterly activities of People Power programme – list of webinars and events answers for current needs of our employees. On teams’ level - ERI Pulse results are discussed by managers and employees. Areas for improvement are supported by HR BP or trainers with dedicated activities focused on team’s needs.

* Know more by reading this article published on the intranet Group last year.
** CA Bank Polska uses another platform than that of Willis Towers Watson.
*** 1/ Work organization according to tools and means, dealing with daily problems, 2/ willingness to cooperate, 3/ general satisfaction with work, 4/ work-life balance, 5/ willingness to promote team as a good place to work, 6/ awareness of team goals, 7/ awareness of business purposes, 8/ readiness to sharing them, 9/ willingness to do more for a team, 10/ awareness. There is also an open question about what things and solutions on the level of team and cooperation with manager which can rise individual engagement.

For more information, please feel free to contact:

Anna Podlewska
Director of HR Strategic Initiatives

Anna Podlewska

Katarzyna Obuchowska
HR Project Manager, HR Strategic Initiatives Teams

Katarzyna Obuchowska

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