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25 November 2016: Details on the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) in the United States

  • The subject mainly concerns the supposed impacts of the project on the inhabitants of the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota.
  • The US justice has been referred to and has confirmed on several occasions that the project is legal and that the plaintiff tribes possess no rights on the territories crossed by the pipeline.
  • To calm the situation, the US federal government has nevertheless put a hold on delivering certain permits and a new pipeline route is under review concerning the most sensitive areas.
  • CA-CIB is working with the other Equator banks involved in the transaction to nominate an independent expert on the issue of consultations with the impacted populations.
  • We are monitoring the situation closely and continue to use all our action resources to favour a satisfying resolution to the problem. Should this not be the case, no further commitments will be made relative to this project.

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