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Like all major French banks, the Crédit Agricole group has naturally given the Government its commitment to pursue fair pricing in 2023 by limiting any increase in bank charges to a maximum of 2%.

As a universal bank serving people all over France, the Crédit Agricole group is going further still in supporting its customers. All our networks are stepping up to help customers manage their budgets with personalised solutions, and in particular:

  1. Continuing to provide universal access to banking services by developing our basic banking offerings, after the example of Eko for the Regional Banks and Essentiel for LCL, with an offering that will soon be expanded to include home insurance;
  2. Continuing to offer borrowers protection, notably by offering flexibility on loan repayments depending on the customer’s circumstances.

In the current high-inflation environment, the Crédit Agricole group is further stepping up its support for the most vulnerable customers by waiving all payment incident charges for holders of the “Vulnerable Customers” offering. This measure is in keeping with the Group’s Societal Project aimed at combating financial exclusion and fostering social inclusion.

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