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A new industry-wide agreement on employment for people with disabilities and solidarity at Regional Banks



In keeping with the Group Project, the negotiation of the fourth agreement on employment at Crédit Agricole for people with disabilities sets out targets in this area and has provided an opportunity to address the issue of “solidarity” more generally.


New targets relating to employees with disabilities for the period 2020-2022 are as follows:

- to recruit 450 employees with disabilities, at least 200 of them onto permanent contracts, and including fixed-term contracts running for at least six months;

- to sustainably integrate employees with disabilities and provide them with guaranteed access to existing mechanisms for human resources management, continuing education and career management, taking into account individual circumstances;

- to foster continued employment for people with disabilities;

- to increase the volume of business entrusted to the sheltered employment sector.

The industry-wide agreement also requires us to undertake a local diagnosis within Group companies, in conjunction with employee representatives.


The second chapter gives companies covered by the agreement the right to have access to specific guidance likely to encourage the introduction of solidarity mechanisms.

These mechanisms are structured around three themes:

Employees serving as caregivers

o family caregiver’s leave

o leave donation scheme

o various communication and awareness mechanisms to support and inform employees serving as caregivers and better take into account their circumstances

Payroll micro-donation

The agreement requires the company to match donations made from the point at which it decides to introduce a payroll micro-donation scheme. Beneficiary non-profits are selected locally through employee dialogue.

The charter of 11 “Cancer and work” commitments

The agreement commits the FNCA, as the employer’s industry body, to sign the charter and implement its 11 commitments across all companies covered by the agreement. These commitments relate to support for people returning to and wishing to stay in work after cancer, raising awareness among stakeholders (HR/managers), and prevention efforts in connection with workplace health and public health issues. These mechanisms are also intended to strengthen the Regional Banks’ positioning as social stakeholders in their regions, in the eyes not only of employees but also of local populations and non-profits.

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