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Crédit Agricole Payment Services

At the heart of the customer relationship, payments are one of the priorities of the Crédit Agricole group’s 2022 Medium-Term Plan, which aims to “make payments a key driver of customer acquisition and retention”. As sponsor and guarantor of this strategic ambition, Crédit Agricole Payment Services has the following missions, on behalf of the Group, in respect of payments: overseeing product strategy, innovation and design; coordinating distribution; operating processing platforms; supervising operations; transaction security; and interbank representation.


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The payment activity is a key one for the Group's banks. It is at the heart of customer relations and represents important challenges on the commercial, financial and technological levels. With Crédit Agricole Payment Services, Crédit Agricole Group intends to make the payment business a lever for innovation and value creation.

The business skills of Crédit Agricole Payment Services notably add value within the framework of:

- defining a differentiating and innovative payment offer for the Group’s banks, Corporate clients and the customers of these customers, in a BtoBtoC approach;
- inter-banking representation on behalf of Crédit Agricole S.A. to national, European and international market bodies;
- 24/7 supervision of payment information systems;
- Security of transaction and of the IS and in-service support.

  • 11 billion

    transactions processed (CASA Group)

  • 21,4 million

    cards in the Crédit Agricole base

  • + 3 billion

    authorisations provided (payment, withdrawal)

  • 700 employees

    on 3 sites (SQY, Evergreen and Lyon)


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Crédit Agricole Payment Services
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